Centerville, Tennessee
Something for everyone

Centerville is located in the heart of Hickman County, Tennessee.  Its prime geographic location is within a few hours driving distance of many major cities in the southeastern United States.

Industry in the area includes manufacturer's of packaging materials, metal buttons, various wood products, structural steel, ammunition, pies, and illuminated signs.   Over 50,000 acres of timberland is owned by national pulp, paper, and timber corporations and is open to the public for hunting, hiking, and fishing.

Local artisans craft furniture, wreaths, and decorative items out of the abundant natural materials found in the area.  The people of Centerville and Hickman County are warm, friendly, and skilled in a variety of labor-intensive and industrial trades.

Nearby, thriving Mennonite communities continue old world traditions of craftsmanship and farming while offering quality handmade furniture and fresh produce to the area.  Locals and visitors alike flock to the area to see these working farms operating without the conveniences of modern technology.  Visitors to Centerville and Hickman County are likely to see the familiar site of Mennonite families traveling between towns with their standard means of transportation, the horse and buggy.

In addition to its people, Centerville offers a rich assortment of recreational opportunities.  Outdoor sports are popular in and around the many forest, streams, and caves.  Whether its hunting, fishing, camping, or boating you enjoy, Centerville has something for everyone.