While "Special Meetings" are called from time-to-time, the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hickman County Legislative Body will be on Monday, July 28, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., in Courtroom "A" of the Hickman County Justice Center.  The meeting is open to the public, and a tentative agenda is available here.  Any person requiring special assistance to attend the meeting should contact the County Mayor's office at 931-729-2492 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Click below for the agenda and accompanying resolutions (in PDF** format) for current and previous meetings.


Agenda for July 28, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-18 - Concerning the Replacement of the Charles Thompson Bridge

Resolution No. 14-19 - Making Appropriations to Various Non-Profit and Charitible Organizations for FY2015

Resolution No. 14-20 - Making Appropriations of the Various Funds, Departments and Institutions for FY2015

Resolution No. 14-21 - Fixing the Tax Levy for the Fiscal Year Beginning on July 1, 2014

Resolution No. 14-22 - Approving a Rezoning of Property Located on Church Road in Bon Aqua

Resolution No. 14-23 - Approving a Rezoning of Property Located on Missionary Ridge Road in Bon Aqua


Agenda for June 23, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-16 - Authorizing a Continuing Budget for Fiscal 2014-2015

Resolution No. 14-17 - Concerning a Need for Additional Industrial Property


Agenda for May 27, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-12 - Rezoning Property Located on Church Road in Bon Aqua

Resolution No. 14-13 - Authorizing the Closing of a Portion of a County Road

Resolution No. 14-14 - Amending the Solid Waste Contracts in Lieu of Performance Bonds

Resolution No. 14-15 - Supporting Amendment 1 in the November 4, 2014 General Election


Agenda for April 28, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-06 - Authorizing a Lease with the Local Red Cross Chapter

Resolution No. 14-07 - Authorizing a Continuous Four (4) Year Reappraisal Cycle

Resolution No. 14-08 - Authorizing an Application for the Fiscal 2015 Litter Grant

Resolution No. 13-09 - Accepting the Lowest and Best bid on a EMA Property

Resolution No. 13-10 - Approving the issuance of a $250,000 Capital Outlay Note


Agenda for March 24, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-04 - To Encourage the Full Funding of the State Tax Relief Program

Resolution No. 14-05 - Requesting Equal Distribution of Internet Sales Tax Revenues


Agenda for February 24, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-02 - Authorizing an Application for HOME Grant Funding

Resolution No. 14-03 - Authorizing an Audit Committee for Hickman County


Agenda for January 27, 2014:

Resolution No. 14-01 - Amending the Sheriff Department's Personnel Policy


Agenda for November 25, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-44 - Supporting a Bottle Bill in the Tennessee Legislature

Resolution No. 13-45 - Amending the Makeup of the Hickman County Beer Board

Resolution No. 13-46 - Amending a Section of the Sheriff Department's Personnel Policy

Resolution No. 13-47 - Concerning a Rental Fee for Office Space at the Justice Center


Agenda for October 28, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-39 - Amending the Sheriff Department's Personnel Policy

Resolution No. 13-40 - Supporting an "Assistance to Firefighters" Grant for Hickman County

Resolution No. 13-41 - Changing the Name of a Road on the County Road List

Resolution No. 13-42 - Re-establishing the Hickman County Purchasing Policy

Resolution No. 13-43 - Authorizing Participation in a Regional Solid Waste Recycling Hub


Agenda for September 23, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-36 - Updating Hickman County's Employee Safety Plan (OSHA Requirement)

Resolution No. 13-37 - Authorizing a $1.00 Increase in the County Litigation Tax

Resolution No. 13-38 - Authorizing a $250,000.00 General Obligation Capital Outlay Note


Agenda for August 26, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-33 - Amending the County Zoning Resolution to Clarify Permitted Residential Uses

Resolution No. 13-34 - Amending the County Zoning Resolution to Provide for Mixed Use Permits

Resolution No. 13-35 - Rezoning Property Located at 7507 Highway 100 in Lyles


Agenda for July 22, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-26 - Amending the County Zoning Resolution Concerning Recreational Cabins

Resolution No. 13-27 - Rezoning Property Located on State Route 48 in the Aetna Community

Resolution No. 13-28 - Supporting the Nationwide "No Texting While Driving" Movement

Resolution No. 13-29 - Transferring General Purpose School Funds to the Federal Projects Fund

Resolution No. 13-30 - Appropriating Funds to Non-Profit Organizations for Fiscal 2014

Resolution No. 13-31 - Appropriating Funds to Various Funds, Offices & Agencies for Fiscal 2014

Resolution No. 13-32 - Fixing the Tax Levy in Hickman County for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014


Agenda for June 24, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-21 - Adopting a Continuing Budget and Tax Rate for Fiscal 2014

Resolution No. 13-22 - Naming a Section of State Route 48 as the I.L. Cash Memorial Highway

Resolution No. 13-23 - Naming a Bridge in Memory of John Bertrand and Stanley Neeley

Resolution No. 13-24 - Accepting the Low Bid on a Sewer Plant Enhancement CDBG

Resolution No. 13-25 - Showing Support for the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms


Agenda for May 28, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-19 - Amending a Solid Waste Performance in Lieu of Bond Contract


Agenda for March 25, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-10 - To Provide Assistance to Veterans, Their Spouses and Their Children

Resolution No. 13-11 - Accepting the Recommendations of the Court Security Committee

Resolution No. 13-12 - Authorizing Matching Funds for a County-Wide Spay-Neuter Program

Resolution No. 13-13 - Amending Resolution No. 11-49 Requiring Fingerprints for Beer Permits

Resolution No. 13-14 - Adjusting the Fee Schedule for Used Tire Collection and Disposal


Agenda for February 25, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-06 - Regarding a Four-Year Appointment for Judicial Commissioners

Resolution No. 13-07 - Authorizing an Agreement with USDA/NRCS for Stream Cleanup

Resolution No. 13-08 - Authorizing a Moratorium on Storm Recovery Permit Fees

Resolution No. 13-09 - Supporting Legislation Dealing with Delinquent Tax Property


Agenda for January 28, 2013:

Resolution No. 13-01 - Waiving the Requirement of Placing Wheel Tax Stickers on Tags

Resolution No. 13-02 - Urging the General Assembly to Amend the 1979 Private Acts

Resolution No. 13-03 - Regarding the Naming of the Thomas J. Parham Memorial Bridge

Resolution No. 13-04 - Authorizing the Formation of a Court Security Committee



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