Tennessee statutes require election commissions to employ an administrator of elections (formerly known as the registrar-at-large), who is the chief administrative officer of the commission and who is responsible for daily operations of the office. The duties of the administrator include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) employment of office personnel; (2) preparation and submission of the annual budget; (3) requisition and purchase of supplies; (4) maintenance of voter registration files, campaign disclosure records, and other required records; (5) instruction of poll workers; (6) preparation of notices for publication; (7) preparation and maintenance of all fiscal records; (8) dissemination of information regarding all aspects of the electoral process; (9) promotion of the electoral process; (10) attendance at educational seminars; (11) knowledge of current laws pertaining to the electoral process; and (12) assistance in planning and implementing apportionment plans. In fulfilling these duties, the administrator and election commission must keep in mind that, except in an emergency, the commission may not employ, nor ask the administrator of elections to employ, the commissioners themselves or members of their families nor, after July 1, 1999, the spouse, parents or children of the administrator of elections. The election laws also provide for the certification of administrators of elections, and for their compensation.

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The basic unit which regulates elections at the county level is the county election commission. The five commissioners for each county are appointed by the state election commission; three must be members of the majority party in the state, appointed by members of the state election commission from that party, while the other two will be of the minority party, similarly appointed by the minority members of the state election commission. Majority and minority parties are defined as the political parties whose members hold the largest and second largest number of seats in the combined houses of the General Assembly. Before appointing county election commissioners, members of the state election commission are directed to consult with members of the General Assembly from each county regarding whom to appoint as county election commissioners.



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