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The Hickman County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the management of all emergency preparedness program areas within the county.  The primary role of the Agency is to develop and implement comprehensive disaster planning, mitigation and response activities within Hickman County under the provisions of Tennessee statutes.  Additionally, the Agency develops and maintains emergency plans for all types of natural and man-made hazards, and provides the analysis and recommendations necessary to make decisions that will effectively save lives and protect property in such emergencies.

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David Fitzgerald, Director

106 East Swan Street

Centerville, TN  37033

Phone: 931-729-6132

or 931-729-3004

Fax:  931-729-2195


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"The mission of the Hickman County Emergency Management Agency is to reduce or eliminate the vulnerability of people and property of this county to injury, damage, or loss of life resulting from natural, technological, or manmade emergencies."