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Current Conditions:

State Routes:

All state routes in Hickman County are open:

County Roads:

Electric Service:

All Hickman County customers with power through either Dickson Electric Service or the Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative should now have service.

Water Service:

All customers with water service by either the Bon Aqua-Lyles Utility District or the Town of Centerville should now have safe, potable water to drink and cook with.  All bans for non-essential use have been lifted.  Customers, however, may experience temporary interruptions in service over the next few weeks while temporary patches to distribution lines is made permanent.

Residents using Well and Spring Water should make sure their water source has not been contaminated prior to resuming usage.  Have your water tested if you are not 100% certain of its integrity.

Sewer/Natural Gas Service:

The sewer and natural gas service of the Town of Centerville has been devastated just as their water distribution system, but both are coming back online as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, they ask:

  • If you should smell natural gas (rotten egg smell), or if you should see exposed natural gas lines, extinguish all open flames and call Centerville City Hall immediately at 931-729-4246.

  • Likewise, call City Hall should you smell sewer aromas.  Sewer gasses can also be explosive and deadly.