Are You Ready for a Tornado?

Prepare a Home Tornado Plan

Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit.

Stay Tuned for Storm Warnings

When a Tornado WATCH Is Issued . . .

When a Tornado WARNING Is Issued . . .

After the Tornado Passes . . .

Common Tornado Myths

Plan and Get Ready

Forget the Wizard of Oz notion that "Twisters" only happen in Kansas. In the United States, tornadoes have been reported in every state. And while they generally occur during spring and summer, they can happen anytime during the year.

With winds swirling at 200 miles an hour or more, a tornado can destroy just about anything in its path. Generally, there are weather signs and warnings that will alert you to take precautions. Be prepared by having various family members do each of the items on the checklist below. Then get together to discuss and finalize your Family Disaster Plan

____Pick a safe place in your home where family members could gather during a tornado. (If you have a basement, make it your safe place.) Make sure there are no windows or glass doors in the area. Keep this place uncluttered.
Basement: ___ Yes ___No
If yes, basement is your safe place
If no (or if you're in a highrise building), choose another safe place.
Location of safe place: _____________________________________

____If you live in a mobile home, choose another safe place in a sturdy, nearby building.
Location of safe place: _____________________________________

____Put together a Disaster Supplies Kit in a clearly labeled, easy-to-grab box.
Location of Disaster Supplies Kit: _____________________________________

____Write instructions on how and when to turn off your utilities -- electricity, gas, and water.
Instructions written: _____________________________________